How the teddy-bear found his humans

  ‘Two dark eyes watched him critically. The stitch hurt him. Why did they hurt him? He couldn’t knew it, but this was his birth. He has been made from faux fur,  being made in the shapes of a teddybear.

He has been stitched together, filled with soft material, got brown glass-eyes and ears on his head, then brushed up his fur. In the end he got nice cloth on, a critical view…and up, up and away into in a big dark box…………’  Well, this has been the beginning of the first story titeld “How the teddy-bear found/came to/  his family/humans”.

  Gregory began to talk to the other bear-fellows in his travelling-box. Most of them had no cloth on. He was the only one wearing a nice outfit. The big box arrived at a big company’s retailer. A very nice lady wanted to take Gregory home, but she recognized, that she had too many bears at home. So in the end Gregory had to go on travelling in another, smaller box. Most of his bear-fellows laughed at him, because he was wearing cloth, and they were wearing proudly their faux furs. So Gregory became very upset.

In the end the box got to a small toy-shop, where mostly teddy-bears been sold. The lady there looked at him very critically and told him not be quite ‘beary’, as in her eyes he was looking too thin without his cloth on. Therefore she put him high above in the shop. As times got by, all of the other bears were sold to humans, except him. In the night, a very, very old bear, who was given to the shop to get fixed up, told him a big secret: Magic Words to get self movable for one hour after midnight.

These secret Magic Words only can be told to younger bears from very old ones. So Gregory kept the words well into his mind.

But one day, a nice old lady came into the shop. She   was looking for a special gift on her sons birthday. She looked at Gregory saying .’I only want this bear!’ Gregory became very happy, got nicely wrapped into paper and was given away. Surprise, surprise: It was ‘The Boy’s 50th birthday! He, his from now on personally human, fall in love just at the first sight!

Since then Gregory lives a life as a very beloved Teddybear at his humans house…together with about 100 other faux fur friends. His human mum even made him a star. You can see him on the photos and paintings (made by his favourite girl-friend Marie, the grand-niece of his mum).

Enjoy the book!

  Oh dear, Greg did disappear

  Well Gregory had a very good life at his new family. His human Klaus loved him as well as Marie, Klaus’ wife. They both took care a lot of Greg. He was petted and brushed up daily, so he was always in good and healthy condition. Of course he slept inside the bed of his humans. This was one thing, which never has been discussed about.

At midnight he put the magic spell on all of his faux fur friends, and they had a wonderful hour of moving around the house every night. Greg gave the magic words to his fellows. Therefore all faux fur animals were able to move themselves around at midnight. But strictly only for a hour, not one second longer.

But as always the youngsters do, Greg was very curious. He wanted to know what’s behind the door.

On the other side, he loved his humans and his family and would not leave them. So he decided to get on a short adventure outside of the house, just in the backyard.  As it was summertime, it was a warm and lovely night, when he decided to start his adventure.

He took the watch of Klaus, wrapped on his paw, and quickly went out of the house. What a surprise to him: Everything was new and had it’s own secret. He met some strange fellows like a frog, a grasshopper and even a cat.

And then something horrible happened to him: He was taken away by a squirrel! She took him into her mouth, jumped up a tree to her hole in this tree, which kept her nest. She wanted to have something special the neighbours didn’t own. By saying to Greg ‘Oh you are so fluffy and smooth, you are the right thing for my two little children.’ Greg told her not being good for squirrel kids, but she didn’t let him out.

The two little squirrels loved him very much and found a way to get him home. The nice cat helped. During the next night, with the help of all friends the cat carried him back to the balcony of his apartment. His bear brother Ally let him and, and Greg returned to bed where his humans where snoring.

Early next morning Marie awoke by looking him into his glass-eyes. What a nice surprise to his humans: Greg has been back! But how awful to him: he had to take a bath! Something he doesn’t like until today. But Marie got no mercy, she softly washed his fur, dried it and then brushed it up. In the end he again was a very good looking faux fur teddy-bear!

As he decided to write down his adventures and got to the PC every night. There he typed with his paws till the clock rang him back to bed.