we are sailing...the Guardian Angels
we are sailing...the Guardian Angels

Dear friends, readers of my bear stories,

well as usually my bunch of bears is hibernating during the wintertime. Sometimes they awake for having a look around and enjoying a nice cup of hot chocolate. Afterwards they use to ask me: "What time is it mum?" In case my reply is "It's still wintertime sweeties," they return to their bear camp.

From now on I've time off of my 'bear secretary' duties. I will use this spare time to continue my story writing.

Well, although it's still a secret and just under construction, I'll let you know some tiny facts.

I decided to return to the Guardian Angel's duo Benjamin and Olaf. This time they'll face the challenge of getting back their stolen wings. This will lead them to the far South of Europe, Sicily.

So enjoy the fun of wintertime until Spring will send the first blossoms of snowdrops.

Meanwhile I'll keep on writing.

Bye and see you in Spring.

yours belbaer



December 1st 2012


For the first time ever I have released an English version of one of my books. It's "Little Beaver's Secrets" and now available for instance at www.bod.de or www.amazon.de.


For more details please have a look at 'a short summary of "Little Beaver's Secrets".


I would be pleased, if you would follow me into the depth of the Canadian forests on the search for "Little Beaver's Secrets"...


Yours belbaer

Gregory the teddy bear writer
Gregory the teddy bear writer

Who is belbaer?


Well, at first I will introduce myself to you readers of my website. My name is Bärbel, a German variety of Barbara, which means little Barbara. Because of my special bear liking it was quite obvious that I hit upon ‘belbaer’ for my pseudonym.


During my whole life until now I am living at Berlin’s north western edge. I am married to the best husband in the world since 1975. Unfortunately our marriage wasn’t blessed with children. Instead of them I got very seriously ill and had to get over several surgeries.


During all these boring days in hospital I began to write stories for children. At first these stories were meant being special presents at Christmas for our nieces and nephews and friends children, too. But as time went by the stories took their independent way by ending as published books.


From the days of my childhood on I am fond of teddy bears! To be honest I never really liked dolls! I always preferred bears! Nowadays I think I really became arctophile! I am collecting teddy bears: from ancient times until today’s soft plushies! The only thing that matters to me is the expression of a bear’s face when I look at him the first time. Fortunately my husband shares my passion for teddy bears, which means that we sharing our home with many of them. We are a big family.


About eleven years ago my dear mother-in-law gave a lovely little Russ Berrie teddy bear to my husband as a gift for his 50th birthday. The bear was named Gregory and became a very well known bear being the hero of my second book “Gregorys bärenstarke Geschichten” (Gregory’s baery tales”).


Being a collector of Steiff teddy bears I found out about the fascinating history of a red Steiff bear made in 1908. This special bear belongs to the British bear collector Ian Pout and his name is ‘Alfonzo’. Because of my investigations I decided to write a book about ‘Alfonzo’ and his life from his point of view. The result was “Alfonzo, der rote Bär und die weiße Prinzessin” (“Alfonzo, the red teddy bear and the white Princess”).


By using the internet, I made the acquaintance of many bear lovers and collectors. One of those is my friend Michèle, a French bear making lady, who lives in Germany. Two of her favourite bears became the heroes of my 4th book “Benjamin und Olaf – Abenteuer zweier Schutzengelbären” (Benjamin & Olaf – adventures of two Guardian Angel bears”).


Together with a quantity of soft toy animal lovers, we established an internet community called “The Fofurrees”. Our favourite teddy bears or other animals are the club members and we are pretending the communication with one another. By the time we became friends even in real life. I had to improve my English to stay in daily contact with the Fofurree friends all over the world. As a result I even started writing in English. The bear Gregory began to write his travel diaries and published them on the club’s website.


Until today I have published three travel diaries “Notes of a travelling bear” on BoD fun for the Fofurree friends. I am thinking about publishing these diaries on BoD classic to make them available worldwide if the demand and interest would rise. I would be very pleased to get your feedback by using the contact widget on this site.


My aim is to enrich the fantasy of my readers of all ages and to give them a little escape from the cruelty of today’s world. Come on and join me!


Yours belbaer